Special Areas

Privileged place for holidays!

The sea around the island of Mykonos is rich in fish and still a habitat for monk seals. There exist special areas on the island. According to bibliographical sources (Cebrian et. Al., 1995), on the shores of Mykonos and the surrounding islands have reported 12 caves. According to morphological traits, they are considered suitable refuges for the monk seal (Monachus-monachus), while four other shelters are evaluated by the same researchers as potentially suitable for breeding. Especially, the island Tragonisi, where fishermen and hunters often visit.

The Cyclades is a privileged place for holidays, it’s an entertainment for the population of urban centers not only for Greece but for the whole Europe. The role of the Cyclades, as tourist centers internationally, requires as priority the protection not only of the sandy beaches but also the wider coastal areas that are being offered for the entertainment of visitors. Even if the individual areas are particularly valuable or not, or even if they are included in development zones in related activities (tourist areas) or not, etc. The increasing mobility of visitors to find out isolated coastal areas requires the preservation of the maximum rate of coastal zones as free space.