Eco Diving

We always protect the environment, taking caution to minimize our impact!

Eco Diving






At GoDive Mykonos in collaborate with Marine Conservation Greece, we are organizing and conducting beach cleanups getting other environmental clubs involved. After we collect data, we submit it to Project Aware‘s Dive Against Debris data which support’s the development of coordinated policies and strategies to establish and parallel to improve waste management policies.

At GoDive Mykonos, we follow the guidelines for divers, snorkelers and underwater photographers set down by Project Aware (PADI), Moreover, we are asking all our divers to follow some simple rules. Most important rule is a strict “no touch” policy. If you want to protect the fragile marine eco-systems you just need to follow Project Aware’s guidelines:

Ten Ways a Diver Can Protect the Underwater Environment

  1. Dive carefully to protect fragile aquatic ecosystems
  2. Be aware of your body and equipment placement when diving
  3. Keep your dive skills sharp through continuing education
  4. Consider how your interactions affect aquatic life
  5. Understand and respect underwater life
  6. Be an ecotourist
  7. Respect underwater cultural heritage
  8. Report environmental disturbances or destruction
  9. Be a role model for other divers and non divers when interacting with the environment
  10. Get involved in local environmental activities and issues

Ten Tips for Underwater Photographers

  1. Photograph with Care
  2. Dive Neutral
  3. Resist Temptation
  4. Easy Does It
  5. Sharpen Your Skills
  6. Be Informed
  7. Be an AWARE Diver
  8. Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Bubbles
  9. Share Your Images
  10. Conserve the Adventure