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Reef Diving

Capture, amphora’s from old shipwrecks and pelagic species including huge schools of Mediterranean Barracuda.

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Kalafakiona Reef

This reef is one of the most compulsive dive sites. It is common to meet large school of Mediterranean Barracuda (Sphyraena sphyraena), among a great diversity of marine life and hundreds of small fish. Diver can see a plethora of ancient amphorae, in various conditions, from little pieces, scattered everywhere, to larger items in better condition. Moreover, this site has a great morphology and rocky topography, combining a stunning underwater scenery, with large pinnacles rising from the bottom. The dive starts at about 5m, and the average maximum dive site depth is at about 20 meters making it perfect for less advanced divers, or for the second dive of the day.

Dive Site Location Suitability Depth Travel time
Reef Kalafakiona Reef All Divers 05m-35m 6 min


Lia Reef

This diving spot is our new underwater discovery. Lia reef offers a very rich marine life and dives going to about -24m. There is great number of black and yellow sponges at about 20 m, and we often see beautiful nudibranchs. The site is one of the richest in fish and has a perfect visibility up to 40m. A diving spot for advanced and novice divers alike.

Dive Site Location Suitability Depth Travel time
Reef Lia Reef All Divers 07m-27m 2 min